About DA of Tahoe


DAofTahoe was started in order to serve the local community with a much needed service. Improving the quality of life for animals became Nikki Mares's mission. By filling the gap between being a dog owner and having a busy schedule means your dog won't ever have to go without proper care.


When we consider hiring a service to help us care for our beloveds the first thing that comes to mind is business with integrity. Business owner Nikki Mares, a Citadel Military College Alumni you can count that we uphold the code " A cadet does not lie, steal, cheat, nor tolerate those who do." In a time where corruption and dishonesty seem to be at every corner, rest assured those values are of the utmost importance. Having a moral code is the most important aspect in having someone care for your beloved pet.

Nikki Mares your caretakers experience

  • Bachelor's Degree in Health, Exercise and Sport Science
  • Current Veterinarian Assistant 
  • Outdoor Emergency Technician CPR & First Aid
  • Project Manager and Financial Chair for Karma Animal Trust 
  • Military Working Dog Program Kennel Technician
  • Kennel Manager for Animal Defense League in San Anotnio, Tx.
  • Dog Handler for Alaskan Huskies at Alaska Icefield Expeditions 

Story behind DA of Tahoe

 The idea of DA of Tahoe was manifested in Rishikesh, India by Souldier, the pup here on the blanket. While a calling had brought her rescuer Nikki Mares to India, what was unknown was that her calling was to come rescue Souldier, a puppy barely holding on to her life.   Abandoned in a hostile territory, completed emaciated with a fever, ticks and fleas Nikki took action to save the dog. As an avid traveler, rescuing a nearly dead street dog came with responsibility. Becoming a dog mother meant that another soul was depending on you for survival. Because Nikki was In the midst of travelling the world it meant that living in one place was a necessary change in plans, and what better place for a pup than her home town of Incline Village.  

Overnight care in-home vs boarding

The benefits in-home pet care are vast! Dogs are adaptable creatures but most love and depend on routine. Consider the benefits of in-home care:

  • Pets are happier and experience less stress when they remain in their environment at home 
  • Diet and exercise routines are uninterrupted.
  • Travel trauma for both owner and pet is eliminated
  • Pet's exposure to illness is minimized
  • Untrained or unwilling friends/family/neighbors need not be called
  • In-home professional pet care provides added peace of mind.